Creating Your Online Profile

When it comes to online dating, your profile is your ‘mousetrap’ and your information is the ‘cheese’. Ideally, you want to attract, ‘lure’ and ‘catch’ a possible mate for life. It is very important that you be yourself, the key is to seem approachable, simple and easy going. 


The Do’s and the Don’ts


There’s a reason that Vanity is a Sin

Vanity reflects arrogance and too much of self-praise and admiration may leave you single.

Saying “i train hard at the gym and i would like a partner who is into fitness” is fine, I mean hey, we all try to keep a healthy lifestyle but saying “I’m the sexiest guy at the gym and i  want a girl who looks good in tights”, that’s sexist, unattractive and well, you might as well date yourself. Keep the boasting, vanity and arrogance to yourself!


Kill the Modest Act 

Confidence is an attractive trait in a person.

Starting your profile with “I’m not usually into this sort of thing” or “I’m not good at this but…” wreaks of insecurity, desperation and  depression. People join online dating sites to date and they want to know that you are here for the same reason. We all like people who are interesting and enjoys life, so do not give the impression of some sad, unappealing shade of gray. 


Put away your baggage till Xmas

Everyone has a past and face it; all your ups and downs in life made you the experienced person you are today. Your previous relationships, nervous breakdowns, current life problems and whatever issues you have, there is no need to advertise it and your partner knows that you have a past. Let your unburdened side be shown and loved by someone and as the relationship strengthens, both of you can begin sharing in time.


Don’t be the dull one

Saying “I like hanging out with friends” or “I like watching movies or even “I love music” does not make you special, in fact, about 5 billion people fit your description. The purpose of online dating is to meet some one with common interests and goals, you need to be specific about yourself.

Do not give the impression of being mundane and boring

All you have to do is write about you, only you will know your true likes/dislikes. Is it really so hard to say “i like action packed movies” or “I like Daughtry, Maroon 5 and enjoy some Michael Bolton music”? Someone out there will have similar interests and “will bite at your bait”.


Don’t be picky

There is a huge difference between Reality and Dreams

Everybody has their dream girl/guy and while dreams are perfect, reality is different and you need to give others a chance even though  they might not fit your ideal description. Do not describe your perfect match as “I want a Latin girl about 5ft 6 with an athletic body, brown hair who can cook and loves intimacy”, I mean hey, you described a dream girl but girls who might like you, will get discouraged.


Patience is Key

Rome was not built in a day

Do not expect that in your first few days that every guy/girl will throw themselves at you. While online dating is very successful, you need to put in some work and effort into building a good online persona. Learn from popular profiles, read the things they say, observe what type of photos attract people and never be afraid to start the conversation. 


No profile Pic???

Your profile Picture is your online Identity

If your profile description says that you are slim with a brown complexion and tall without a profile picture; a coconut tree can fit your description . Having no image shows that you lack self confidence, might be a fake person or some insane criminal. Using an image of a puppy or celebrity or car is just as bad. Put up a pic of yourself and see how it goes, someone out there will like you.


Only 1 photo?

One alone will not be enough. People will want to see more of you and one picture may suggest that your photo is stolen or you might be concealed, insecure and untrustworthy. Our site affords you to upload multiple photos however we do have a set limit.


Sexy photos aren’t always best

While your intentions might be good and though you may look hot, sexy photos can give the impression of being only interested in sex and ‘games’ rather than a proper relationship. While the girl below is very attractive, as an online dating photo, it indicates someone who is out of reach for the average, advertising physical appearance rather than heart so choose wisely! (photo by Christopher Campbell)

By Chris Campbell



 The Photoshop

Be yourself and do not ‘over-edit’ your images. There is nothing wrong with adjusting some brightness or adding a simple filter but you cannot turn a lump of coal into diamonds or turn a watch into an hourglass, agree? Photoshop photos reveal vanity, insecurities and unreal adult behavior. Every body is beautiful, stop comparing yourself and be proud. (photo by Drew Graham)


by drew graham



Never play hard to get 

Show that you are interested, single and read to mingle!

While you may try to show that you are not needy or easy to get with, replying late to messages or purposefully ignoring others will leave you single. People are here to date and they assume that you are too; this means that you meet and interact with others. So while you pretend to be out of reach, you will be overlooked for another person, It is a fact.




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