Eddie and Shaneli

             These are real stories of real people who had successful online dating encounters and they have asked  to remain anonymous by name and photos, so we shall use their nicknames. This love story emphasizes the phrase “Love comes when you least expect it” and tells the tale of Eddie and Shaneli who met through online dating. In life, most of us do not get an exotic love story with a foreign stranger or the ‘meant to be’ against all odds type of relationship. We are limited to the people we interact with daily and hence, we choose a mate selectively and purely from convenience. 

            Eddie, a pharmacist, 36 at the time, was in the agonizing process of a divorce. After 10 years of marriage, his wife broke her vows through lies and infidelity  without consideration for their 8 year old daughter, Emma. Upon reaching an agreement with an arbitrator, he relocated to a nearby street with the remainder of his possessions and his daughter as requested by the court. Shaneli, a teacher, 28 years of age, had broken of her engagement to her then fiance after a 5 year long relationship. She was very unhappy during her relationship and decided that she did not want to spend her life with someone who did not value and care for her.

         The following months were especially hard for Eddie both physically and emotionally as he had to help  Emma cope and understand the events that had unfolded. With his life falling apart and his parents residing in another country, he decided to create an online dating profile after being advised by his colleagues in the clinic.  Their advice was ‘you must not dwell over the spilled glass of milk, go out there and buy a new pack’, so he did. On valentines day that year, a lonely Shaneli ,was depressed thinking about her failed relationship and that most of her friends were happily married at her age. She decided to take an initiative and join the dating site with the hope of finding a compatible guy. 

        While putting Emma to sleep, Eddie received a notification from his phone, that someone in his town had joined the site. After reading through her hobbies, her wants and self-description, he decided to message the beautiful woman with no expectations. By this time, Shaneli had received many messages but she replied after an hour. Eddie was about to sleep when he received her reply and responded instantly; the conversation then went on for hours. What began as a pitiful Valentine’s Day conversation, turned into a nightly habit in which they would motivate each other, Shaneli would offer her children-expertise and after a month, Eddie decided to ask her out. Their first date was splendid and what started off as an online friendship, eventually grew into something special which lasted for 8 months. By this time Shaneli had met Eddie’s daughter through dinners at his home and many movie nights.

     On Emma’s 9th birthday, she said, “Daddy, Miss Shaneli treats us better than mommy and my birthday wish is for us to be a family.” With that in mind, he said, “I think you are right, our lives have improved, hasn’t it? I cannot spend a minute without thinking about her.” Seeing his daughter smile, he bought an engagement ring that day and when Shaneli and her parents came for the birthday party that night, Eddie proposed to her while the birthday candles were lit. Of course she was shocked and after a minute of silence, he was becoming disheartened when suddenly she screamed “Yes!” and the a warm celebratory joy filled the room.

    After a couple years, Shaneli and Eddie welcomed another girl and a boy into their family. As for Emma; she is doing very well at high school and Shaneli is now her closest friend. Both of them could not be happier and their advice to you is,

“You do not need an extraordinary story to have the perfect romance; it just takes a bit of courage and an online dating site. It helps you fall in love with the person worth falling in love with. Give it a try, find that someone and it always helps if you have a little bit of faith!”


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