Jemma and Rick

        These are real stories of real people who had successful online dating encounters and they have asked  to remain anonymous by name and photos, so we shall use their nicknames. This success story endured tragic beginnings and many obstacles to eventually find a happy ever after. As human beings, it is in our nature to draw reference and compare our own lives and experiences as we read and you may be surprised how their story may reflect your own life.

        Rick, 29, at the time, had already finished a diploma in the field of accounting. However, his job was undesirable and the competition to move ahead was tough and he spent many frustrating nights finishing up work from the office while finding the time to complete a part time degree in mechanical engineering. Meanwhile, Jemma, 27 at the time, worked as a part time nurse at the hospital, was struggling to complete a degree in biochemistry. She was still living with her parents in which they frowned upon and reminded her many a times that she should have left home like her older sister; an independent successful woman.

Being raised in single parent home, Rick was determined to be successful as to take care of his mother and finally live life without the immediate worry of financial issues. With all the sacrifices he made, he did not have time to foster a real relationship and every attempt failed because of differences of wants and desires out of life. His best friend concerned for his well being, decided to create an online dating profile for him against his knowledge. Jemma was already an existing member but she was unable to find a suitable match who shared her view of building a life together.

Three days after Rick’s profile was created online, Jemma decided to run a compatibility search on the site while in her class; Rick’s profile was the only match that showed up. Hesitant and a bit shy, she decided to say hello. After seeing the message, Rick’s friend immediately contacted Rick and explained what he had done and that a beautiful girl, who was out of his league, had contacted him. After much laughter and disbelief, he decided to start a conversation with her. It happened that both of them decided to have a date the following weekend. Jemma, expecting to meet a ‘creep’, instead, found the person that she would spend the rest of her life with. After a successful date, many dates pursued in which after four months they decided to move in together.

The happiness had ended after Rick got innocently fired and their relationship was tested. Jemma instead, motivated him to finish his degree while working for a minimum wage job and they helped each other through out many sleepless nights of studying and exhausting days of working to pay the rent while surviving on bread and Ramen noodles. It took sometime and both of them graduated with good grades and yes, Jemma ventured into the career of a forensic scientist while Rick, head of an engineering crew for one of the world’s largest oil companies, earns three times his accountant salary.

Of course, they live a happy successful life in their own home, with Rick’s mother and they eventually welcomed a baby boy, one year later. Their advice to everyone,

“We thank God for everything, especially online dating as we might not have met if it were up to life. It is like destiny is finding you your soul mate every time you get matched. We recommend it to everyone, take that chance and you might find the person you will keep for the rest of your life

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