Maria and Ray

          These are real stories of real people who had successful online dating encounters and they have asked  to remain anonymous by name and photos, so we shall use their nicknames.

        This love story is meant to warm your hearts and remind us all that life is not entirely bitter and sad. We all tend to look at the glass as either half empty or halfway filled causing us to spend a great deal of time debating the perceptions of optimism and pessimism. However, do we ever thank life for providing us with something in our glass because there are some people with broken glasses. For Maria and Ray, they had to replace their glasses and fill it themselves drop by drop.

     Maria, 22 years at the time, had recently migrated away from her home country in Latin America to live with her aunt in the United States . Her mother and father feared for her life as crime and senseless killings prevented this smart, beautiful girl from a successful future. Maria achieved almost all A’s during her high school career, including an A in english but she had not mastered it as yet. Ray, 24 years old, was born into a home with loving parents that worked through days and nights to see him graduate with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Marketing. Wanting to repay his parents for everything, Ray had a dream to open the most successful Security Firm in the state. However, with little capital and a heart full of determination, he took a job as an intern in an advertising company to gather funds and strategically plan the implementation of his business.

     Maria hoping that her aunt would help her, instead, endured insults and harsh treatment in which she was forced to work part time and split her salary between her law degree and paying rent to her aunt. Socially classed as a Latina, her physical beauty attracted many men with lustful desires and some even offering money in the pretense of escorting or prostitution. She spent many days crying but had to disguise it for her hopeful parents back home. Ray had already been working for 7 months and had received commissions from the company for helping design multinational advertisements. Sadly, Ray’s father suffered a heart attack while on work and was in need of immediate surgery. Looking at his broken mother, he paid for the operation without hesitation.

     Maria’s best friend and colleague, Selena, often advised her to date because she needed a companion and someone to be there for her. She was discouraged as the men around her were far from respectful and had hoped that she would find a spanish-speaker. To surprise her friend, Selena bought a 6 month online dating membership package for Maria, in which she said, “You’re like my sister and your life has been nothing but difficult. I know you cannot afford this but i hope you accept it and make use of it because i want to see you happy!”  Maria could not help herself from embracing Selena for she was the only kind person she had met.

    Ray and all employees in the company received free membership on the dating site since their company was an affiliate. He was a bit devastated after his accounts had been wiped but nothing in the world could compare to seeing his father smile with tears in his eyes and say, “My son, I gave you life and today you returned the favor.” It was a Saturday when Maria decided to use the dating site, and after narrowing her search to a single, spanish-spanish speaking guy who was motivated and educated, Ray’s profile appeared.(Ray did speak spanish)

    Maria found Ray to be quite attractive, however, he was overwhelmed when Maria said hello. After that first conversation, Maria became Ray’s friend as he learnt to trust her and confide in her. Maria did not hide the details of her hard life and after a month of speaking, Maria and her aunt had a huge argument. It was that day that Ray decided that he and Maria should meet as he wanted to be more to her than just the person she cries and tell her troubles to. If you believe in love at first sight, Maria and Ray fell for each other instantly, and their love story truly began.

    Ray’s parents adored and admired the respectable girl that Maria was. After 6 months of dating, Ray’s parents welcomed Maria to move in with them. Together, Ray and Maria, worked hard and with Maria’s legal knowledge, she and Ray, amassed enough money to start the security firm. Consequently, Maria and Selena graduated with honors and together they built one of the greatest private law firms in the state. Shocking news had reached Maria that her parents had been shot during a robbery at her previous home but they the gunshots were not fatal. Ray decided it was time that he migrated his soon to be in-laws for their safety, and on the day that they arrived, he proposed to Maria at the airport in which she screamed, ” Yes!” 

  Together they built an amazing life in which both their parents enjoy travelling the most exotic countries of the world. Today, Ray’s security firm is one of the most recognized firms in the state, as well as, both Selena and Maria enjoy success in their fields. Maria and Ray are very happy together and their advice was,

” In life, we do not have control over the things that happen to us. Our key to success is prayers and each other . Online dating gives you control over finding that special someone. Give it a try!”


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