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Planning your first date is one of the most important things you will do along the course of your relationship. It may not necessarily be the first time you are meeting the person and it is definitely not the first time you will be having a conversation, however, this step will establish your relationship in the real world as you progress as a couple.

Before we begin throwing ideas at you, please be aware at these exceptions in the Caribbean, especially Trinidad and Tobago. Living in Trinidad and Tobago as well as other countries, crime and murder rates tend to be higher. This does not put you at serious a disadvantage in the world of dating butit can limit you because we want you to be cautious and safe. Everyone deserves to find love and experience the physical pleasures by spending time together as a real couple out in public. Please read our Safety Tips.

We would like to go over some of the important factors that will affect the planning of the first date or any other date. It is important to remember that main goal of the date is to spend time together.


Personal Preferences

You and your partner will each have your own preferences for location and setting when it comes to a date. It is important during the early connection phases that you find out from your partner what he/she prefers on a date. It helps a lot when both of you share similar likes when it comes to this aspect since the options are countable. If it is that you may not favour the place but your partner does, try making a compromise and the next time, you may choose the place of liking. This can be a fun way of adding positive tension in the relationship, preventing dullness.


Distance and location

This should not be much of an issue if you and your date live in a small island, within a city or town. In our safety tips, we mention that you should choose locations that you are familiar with and within your comfort zone. Not only for safety, but it is important that the place be easily accessible to you and your date to allow for a nice evening without someone running late or cutting the date time shorter than it should be.


Choosing the time and date

If both of you are employed or leading busy lives, it is better to set the date on a convenient time and day for the both of you. It might be better to choose it near weekends or on weekends so that the both of you can unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Do not forget to be considerate and understand if your match is unable to attend the date because of unforeseen circumstances but remember, this is dating and efforts should be made to establish and/or further develop the relationship. Please read our Safety Tips.


Optimum dating locations

The purpose of dating is to interact, communicate and familiarize yourself  with the person in your company. We recommend that you choose locations such as restaurants, leisure walks, bars and generally all socially acceptable places you can sit and chat. Choosing these locations has many benefits:

-the opportunity to learn about your date

-the option of flirting, complimenting

-the use of body language to communicate

You can choose movies, clubs, social events/concerts etc. as your date location, after all, it is your date. But out advice emphasizes on the communication aspect to help build a healthy relationship.


Interesting places

When we say interesting places, we do not mean jumping out of an airplane, instead, we mean extraordinary places that will show your date that you are interesting, fun and of course, relationship material. We do not recommend this for every date but it is proven to be healthy and reignite the sparks in all forms of relationships including marriages. Some of the events and/or places we recommend, are hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, dancing(yes, professional dancing) and even karaoke. These are all good suggestions but it all depends upon the likes and dislikes of your and your match. Under no circumstances, should your safety be compromised.   

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