Realities of Online Dating


        Before making any important decision, a wise person gathers all the information and facts beforehand. The terms ‘Online Dating’ and ‘Dating Site’ has been both praised and criticized in the media, leaving individuals with different opinions. Instead of voluntarily accepting the negative perception of Online Dating, this article will explain the positive impacts on the life of the average person. Always remember that ‘With great power comes great responsibility‘ and you have the power to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; so why criticize when you have nothing to loose?


Social Needs

For most of us, our social lives are shaped by our jobs, responsibilities and our loved ones. More often than not, we spend our time at restaurants, bars or clubs ‘blowing of steam’ rather than searching for a possible date or romance. The truth is, we are social creatures and one of our main needs as humans is to interact and communicate at some level with other humans, especially a ‘mate’. Without fulfilling this need, we can become anti-social which leads to depression, lower self-esteem etc. The world is better because of Online Dating, it provides the opportunity to meet and have conversations with hundreds of like-minded, single adults without the worry of rejection and insecurities. Sub-consciously, it builds self-confidence and allow us to become more proactive knowing that we are liked, appreciated and wanted.


In this decade, the failure rates of relationships are far greater than those of previous. Maybe it is globalization or the fact that individualism has become a major pandemic, everyone wants different things out of life. When two people join together, they also join their lives into one and share their aspirations and goals whilst conforming their jobs and family to fit each other. Simple things like different working hours, tastes in food, where to live together and where to go out can cause strain on relationships and eventually ‘kills’ it. Online Dating lets you know what a person wants in life before moving forward and the best part is, you find out their preferences in movies, food, love, dates location and much more to ensure a successful relationship.


Surely you have heard the saying ‘there are more fishes in the sea’ when it comes to love and romance. However, most of us find ourselves fishing in small ponds and streams while some have already caught and seen all the fishes in the water. In reality, more than 90% of us meet and date co-workers, friends’ of family/friends, neighbors and colleagues at school which leaves us single and alone when the relationship ends. The chances of us running into a perfect stranger on the road or at bars are very slim. You deserve to meet all the single people within a hundred miles, find the one that you like and date that person. Your perfect guy or girl could live on the next street but destiny prevented you from meeting. Online Dating puts control into your hands and you will be amazed to see ‘the vast ocean you can fish in’.


Online Dating is as safe as you want it to be. The only difference between it and regular dating is the meeting and introduction phase. You will hear some individuals criticize the very concept and blame the few negative incidents that resulted from online dating over the last decade as a reason to reject it. The sad reality is that on a daily basis, marital spouses, common-law couples and regular couples are killing each other and they met through regular dating and were together over long time period; Would that stop you from dating? Building trust is the fundamental part of online relationships and to truly enjoy this convenience, get to know someone properly, ask questions and always meet in public places. The physical contact and connections can be made after but never skip the introduction phase.


Judging a book by its cover is never a good thing but when it comes to dating, each of us devise mental tests to examine that person we are dating while trying ‘to read them out’. This is a very important because many people are the best versions of themselves at the beginning of a relationship. As relationships progress, you may start to see qualities like rage, possessiveness, insensitivity and dominance followed by actions that can lead to infidelity. Though, you cannot truly ever know someone completely, online dating affords you a better method to test someone that regular dating. You can spend months if you choose, testing their patience, asking questions and trying to understand that person where as regular dating has already progressed to meeting, touching and all physical contact without thoroughly exploring the introduction phases.

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