A Better Dating Technique

     When it comes to love, there are no rules or steps for you to follow. Though you may take advice from others, whether it is a friend or an internet celebrity, the truth is, that advice may not work for you. However, all general dating tips for love and successful relationships will teach you to act and behave in a certain manner that men/women will find attractive or appealing. Sadly, not all relationships will be successful but our dating tips will help improve those odds and help you improve your love life.

Though our technique may seem ordinary, simple and mundane, while you read, remember:

“A tool is only as efficient as the person using it” 

Without further waiting, here are our Dating Tips. These simple ‘tools’ will help you capitalize on what you already know and many of these are instinct driven when we are attracted to someone. Though it may be common knowledge, many of us are misusing these ‘tools’ and because of that, we strike out during first dates and even from ongoing relationships. These 7 enhanced qualities will change your perspective on dating and help you become more desirable, after all, true beauty lies on the inside! 


Here it is, The 7 C(s):

  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Charisma
  • Compliment
  • Courtesy
  • Courage
  • Creativity

Conveniently, all of them begin with the letter ‘C’ so we call it the C-dating system. 



Everyone who gives dating advice will say that confidence is one of the most important factor in dating for both men and women. But what exactly is confidence? Confidence, is having faith or believing in oneself. In this context, it is best described as being comfortable with who you are and applying yourself towards a person that you are attracted to without doubting yourself.

The truth is, we all have flaws. No human is ideally designed both physically and mentally. A lot of men and women tend to think less of themselves because of society’s definition of what the perfect man/woman is.The truth is, everyone is beautiful; this is what god intended, this is who you are. Being able to communicate with someone, care for someone and love someone is far more important than how you look.

We have discussed the differences of real life interactions compared to online dating interactions. Here you will meet people who are willing to meet someone and find love. All it simply takes is a “Hello”.


-Never be shy to instigate a conversation. Everyone is here to meet, interact and find love.

-Follow our C dating system, be yourself, have a memorable conversation that will inspire more to come

-As your conversation progress, do not be afraid to flirt, ask questions and get to know the person. You are here to meet that special someone that is best for you.

-Do not be afraid to move the starting relationship forward, once you’ve gotten to know the person and comfortable with them. Asking for a phone number or a establishing a date at a safe location is all part of the process.

-Unlike those nervous, first, real-life conversations, with Just Us you will already their name, likes, dislikes and what they desire in a woman/man. We have done the hard work, all you have to do is be yourself, say hello and the rest comes natural.

Always remember, to be yourself… well at least the confident version of yourself.




Commitment is a key component in the early phases of developing a relationship with someone. The definition of commitment is simply being dedicated to a desired cause. Now in this context, we don’t mean doing something crazy like stalking or marriage. Commitment in the ‘C dating system’ is about giving a higher priority to one or maybe two over the others.

You will meet many eligible people for dating and you will start several conversations. It is good to talk with a lot of people but this can be a distraction, preventing you from spending the time to get to know one or two particular persons. Commitment to someone you like will allow you to explore this person and see how well in tune the both of you are. Just like the later stages of a relationship, persistence, attentiveness and patience will put you ahead of all suitors. Though this may seem like advice for men, it also applies to women.

Important! Thinking that you are showing your sexual dominance by interacting with many of the opposite sex and making the person you want jealous will actually achieve the opposite results of what you intend. You can also develop a poor online reputation which we cannot help you fix.

All we are advising is to take your time and put in the effort in getting to know someone. You can even move on from one match to another if you realize that you are not compatible. Commitment is the key in showing that someone that you care and are interested in them.


-Commitment is not only about faithfulness. It is about committing your heart and your mind. Listen to them as you interact, get to know what they like, get to know their background, get to understand what they want for their future.

-Using this commitment strategy, you can then be the ‘sugar’ in their life; so to speak. You can know how to cheer them up, you can know how to surprise them and you can be there for them as the person they may want for the rest of their life

-Commitment should be used throughout your relationship lifetime. It may seem less important in the future if you and that person have already started a life together but it is essential for a healthy relationship without doubts and infidelity.


This trait is something that we cannot directly teach you but we can give you ideas on how to improve your charisma or charm. Charisma is heavily dependent on your interpersonal skills. This means that it relies on how you communicate with others and the impression that you leave on them.

Do not worry! We are not suggesting that you be someone else or that you are flawed. In theory, we should all have that fundamental quality and the problem is simply, unlocking it.

Charisma and charm can be directly related to your personality however, many people change their behavior around persons of interest. It is important to know that everyone would have different standards and expectations on who their ideal soulmate is along with the ideal personality and traits.With that in mind, you might be considered unattractive to one person whilst another might find you irresistible. This is a great thing because we all have our perfect matches however, it is not so simple.

Being charismatic or charming can be viewed differently as previously mentioned but we have narrowed it down to what the majority(>95%) of people may like in another person.

-Be a good person

Being a goodhearted person does not make you weak or soft. It shows that you are a good human being and people will gravitate to someone with good virtues and intentions.

-Be confident and optimistic

Always try to keep a positive outlook. People always need someone in their lives to lift them up, especially when they have fallen in life.

-Be a good conversation

Everyone like people who are interesting. Remember that ‘interesting’ is not a personality. Be a good listener, ask questions and relate good conversations. A bit of humor helps along with personal experiences.

-Be assertive and courageous

Most people like someone who is not afraid to lead or guide. Never be shy to initiate a conversation and ask questions that will take your relationship further as it progresses.

-Make them comfortable

Keeping someone in intrigued is not very hard, especially if they may like you. Simple humor or a compliment  can ease the tension and create a fantastic mood.




The ‘Compliment’ in the C dating system is very straight forward and we are sure that you have already used it or seen it being used among people. You might be thinking that you already know everything about complimenting someone and that you do not need to waste your time reading this. As simple as it may seem, there are rules that go along with it and if used incorrectly, it might ruin the connection, rather than progress it. 

Listen carefully; Compliments is a sure way of letting that special person know that they are important.You want him/her to know that they are desirable to you in a passionate and caring way. If used wrongly, your compliment can make you seem like an ordinary friend, boring and worst of all, unattractive to them.

When you are complimenting someone, it is important that you make the compliment personal and not generic. This applies to both men and women when it comes to drawing in the attention of one another. A perfect example,

A man can tell his date,’You look beautiful’. It is a nice thing to say but then again, anyone can tell her that; not just her date. If he keeps repeating it, it will become boring and would actually make her want to end the date. There is such a thing as too many compliments. Remember; your date wants to be treated special and wants to be thought of as the only man/woman in your eyes. Saying something too frequent can cause it to loose its meaning as well, so try to find a perfect balance.

Consequently, timing is very important when giving a compliment. Always give the compliments at the right time example, “Your beauty is indescribable” should be given upon first sight of the woman. Avoid creating awkwardness and always read the situation correctly.

Our advice is to be original and personal when complimenting since it shows that you have taken an interest in them and noticed the effort in improving their appearance for you. A better compliment to the previous example could have been “That black dress really compliments your eyes, you look so beautiful…” It might seem corny but at that very moment, the woman will know that her effort in dressing has paid off and he is paying attention to her.

Always try to be unique when you can and find the perfect balance.


Courage is very important in the process of dating as it helps you progress through each phase to build a permanent relationship.. Courage in this context is simply utilizing your bravery to over come fear of rejection(dating). We can all be confident and charismatic but without the courage to say the first ‘hello’, a conversation will not start and an opportunity to meet someone will be lost.

Courage can appear different to both men and women in that, men usually needs to build up the courage to make the first move. However, we live in a progressive modern society in which women can very well be the the one to make the first move. This may seem a bit unusual in the real world as some may describe it as being desperate with respect to women and even in some cases with men.Just Us is an online dating site which means that the real-world rules of dating do not apply to us.

Everybody is here to meet someone and hopefully build a relationship. With Online dating, the challenges of needing to have the perfect conversation, the perfect appearance and having to deal with the environment and other people are removed. When you make the first move in online dating by simply saying ‘hi’; you have the opportunity to have a normal conversation by being yourself without the worry of never seeing that person again. You can thoroughly analyze the likes and dislikes of this person and have interesting conversations without the risk of pushing them away.

Do not fear to make the first move when you are online, no matter who you are. Everybody wants to find somebody and hey; We are a Dating Site after all.

This is an example to show you what a little courage can do:

(Tim sees Tina’s profile in his online list. He finds her attractive and decides to introduce himself)

Tim : Hey, How are you?

Tina: Hello, i am fine and you?

Tim: I’m fine as well. I noticed you like hiking and kayaking. It’s not everyday you find a beautiful woman who likes tough outdoor sports.

Tina: Haha thanks. I’m not that tough lol. It is a fun way to relax. What about you?

Tim: I am not as tough as you but i try. I came first in the Singles Mountain Kayak Challenge,

Tina: OMG! wow, you really came first? I…..

That is just one scenario where the confidence to say hi can be crucial in building a connection with someone quickly.


Courage is needed throughout your dating experience. Do not fear rejection. It takes a little courage to say,


“Can i have a contact number?”

“Would you like to go out with me?”

Till that day, “Will you marry me?”


Boredom is the natural enemy of most relationships. It may be the number one cause of divorces, infidelity and failed relationships along with unhappy mates. Before i explain, it is important to remember that all the ‘C’s in the C system should be incorporated for a healthy dating experience and relationship.

Creativity is defined as using your imagination to invent or create new ideas. How does this apply to you?

From the minute you connect and feel that spark to the point where you are celebrating anniversaries, your goal is to keep that person interested in you and the life you can offer. You don’t need to be a multi-billionaire or secret spy to lead a life that people will be drawn to. It is a proven fact that keeping your own life active and interesting will help you build a positive attitude and help you enjoy life more.  

It is important to remember that every person is different and would not have the same interests. It helps when both partners in the relationship share at least a common hobby or that you know what your partner likes.

Being creative from the start means, inventing ways that you can make your match laugh, surprised and make them fall in love. There is such a thing as too much but being unpredictable in charming way is never boring.

Both men and women can be creative by

-Choosing interesting topics/questions during chats

(E.g. ‘If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?’ , ‘If you are stuck on a deserted island, who would you want there?’ ‘If we were the last two people on earth, would that be a bad thing?’

-Choosing places for meeting or dating that will intrigue your match.

If your crush likes live performances or special types of food like Italian or likes dancing and more; choose a place within your budget that might fulfill one of their favored setting.

-Try making him or her laugh or feel appreciated when you can, create opportunities for a great mood. But do not try too hard because it can cause awkward moments. Here’s an example:

(Jim messages his online dating crush)

Jim: Hey, How was your day? You sound tired

Jane: Yeah, it was a tough day. Lots of papers at the office, no lunch

Jim: My day would have been hard as well but just thinking of you made it better.

A conversation goes both ways, hence, both individuals, need to create ways to keep the other interested. Remember, this is online dating where hundreds of date-able people exist; reluctance to show interest in a conversation will cause you to miss opportunities.


There is not much we have to say on this aspect of the C dating system. We hope you have good intentions for your match but in keeping with the statement, ‘Just be yourself‘, show the best mannered version of yourself.

We are in the modern era with emerging technologies. It is important to be a gentleman or lady throughout the early phases of meeting, dating and a lifetime, if you can. Manners, Respect and Politeness are the qualities of sophistication and a good background. Sex and intimacy should never compromise your abilities to display these qualities.

As you meet people online, you will want to seem easy to talk to, not eager to get into bed. Creating a comfortable interactive atmosphere will help your relationship develop faster online. Everyone likes speaking to friendly people that they are comfortable with; so why not create a similar environment for your match?

Remember that though a person’s profile might already display a lot of their information, you are still meeting them for the first time and it is important to make a good first impression both online and real life meetings. Everyone wants a kind and thoughtful companion for life not shallow, arrogant or selfish. 

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