Brian and Chloe

     These are real stories of real people who had successful online dating encounters and they have asked to remain anonymous by name and photos, so we shall use their nicknames.

     This love story reminds us that we must never give up, always hope for a better day. We have all heard that life is short and opportunities only appear once. Though we all try to make the right decisions, what happens after we miss that ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity? Remember that it is never too late to make our dreams a reality and we can get second chances.

   Brian, 42 years of age, was an accomplished man with a successful hardware business, a beautiful home, a nice car but was very unhappy. His life was the perfect example that money cannot buy happiness or love and the simple things in life should not be taken for granted. Standing at six feet tall with dark hair and tanned skin, Brian attracted many women which included his wife Miranda, who passed away from cancer after five years of an amazing marriage. The mental agony of living life without the person you love, your future and your best friend can create a never ending state of depression. Loosing all hopes for a family, Brian stumbled in life, seeing himself as an expendable human. His only relative, a younger sister named Betty, often comforted and motivated him.

   Chloe, still in her early 30’s, was very attractive, a bit overweight and a career driven woman. As an advertising manager, she had perfect communication skills, understood others but lacked the perfect guy. Being an only child, her parents often asked her for a grand child and questioned her life choices. Chloe often dreamt of having a family but with failed relationships and a senior position in the company, her social life was non-existent. She had joined the local dating site  about 5 months now and though she had successful conversations, the spark was missing.

   Brian found himself spending weekends at clubs and bars with hangovers the following day, until Betty and her husband had a serious ‘heart to heart ‘ with him. Betty was not prepared to loose him and recommended that he find love again and join the local dating site to meet successful, single, independent women. With nothing to loose, he decided to create a profile, upload a picture and describe himself. Over the next few days he found himself talking to several women but was reluctant to move forward due to an underlying guilt for Miranda. In Miranda’s final days, she pleaded with him to find happiness, to love again as she was grateful to have known true love in her short lifetime because of him. Life works in mysterious ways and Chloe saw Brian’s image on the online Meet Me feature on the side of her profile. She found him relatively attractive and decided to add him followed with a ‘hello’ message. Brian added her an hour later and destiny began working its magic.

   As the days went by, Brian found himself frequently talking to her and what captivated him, Chloe became a close friend unlike the women he met at his business who seemed to care more about his financial status. Likewise, she was happy to have someone to talk to and eventually in an indirect way, Brian made his move by asking her out with the false intention of discussing advertising for the hardware and as such they had their first date which was amazing. Brian had finally made peace with Miranda as his feelings for Chloe grew.  As the months went by, both of their lives changed; they went out most weekends, they joined the gym together and Brian finally met Chloe’s parents. Betty was indebted to Chloe for turning Brian’s life around and to Betty’s husband and kids, Chloe was already part of the family.

   After a year and half, Brian proposed and 3 days after, Chloe found out that she was pregnant. Nothing in the world could have made Brian happier, his life had a new purpose and meaning. They shared a beautiful wedding and welcomed an incredible baby girl named… you guessed it, Miranda. Brian and Chloe finally achieved a family, though a simple accomplishment for most people, for some, it can take a lifetime. They had one simple message for you,

“Life is full of disappointments but we must never give up hope. Everyone has an opinion about online dating but we can say that it is amazing. Dating sites allowed us to control our own destiny by providing the opportunity  for us to meet people and find each other in no time.”




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