Why Online Dating Works


Online dating is rapidly growing across the world, in every language you can think about, in every country imaginable, especially in the United States of America. More than 40% of  marriages occur because of online encounters from social networks like Facebook/Twitter and more often, an online dating site. With the probability of every 3 in 5 of your relationships will fail, the reality is that your first real relationship has a pretty good chance of failing. Do you think we are tricking you?

Popular and trusted sites like Psychology Today  and The Gottman Institute clearly explain why relationships fail. If you want to know more about the benefits of online dating, check our blogs. We are here for the statistics. 

More than 90% of relationships fail because of communications issues, trust issues, difference in future goals which is basically, compatibility problems. Online dating gives you the options of finding that compatible person plus it provides the avenue for friendships, meeting new people and possibility to learn and discover what you really want in partner. 

We have done the difficult part in building an online dating perfection, it is up to you to decide if you want to be happy.


Your life

In reality, the average person leads a simple life in which new, interesting and attractive people are rarely met. Women have greater chance of meeting new people because many of their jobs involve interactions with customers, clients and even patients in the medical field. However, their rejection rate is very high with maybe, 1 in 5 men are given her contact number after attempting to woo her (do not forget- we have not discussed the success rate from contact number to a relationship). Remember, this is based on personality and most women are not easily swayed. 

Men still interact with many people but very rare would a woman make the first move and as such we say that the role of men is to initiate the process and  show that he his interested. How does this apply to online dating?

Let us analyze the process and issues that arise:

-Introduction- The person making the first move needs to be confident, needs to establish interesting conversational topics and finally attain a contact number or a date. Many of us may not succeed with all of these and truth is, There is nothing wrong with you! 

-Everybody is different– No matter how much dating advice you get, nothing can prepare you for everything that will come your way during the wooing process. Unlike online dating, you do not have the benefit of their personal information such as like/dislikes that will help you to progress. You do not have the fear of being rejected and never seeing that person again.

-People want to date– Hello! it is a dating site. People want to date and you do not have to wonder, ‘Is that person single or in a relationship ?’ or ‘how do I get their attention ?’ or “why am I failing ?’. Just Us is an affordable dating site with real people and not fake ones intended to hurt you. For starters, they are paying with credit cards which needs real people to own them. (See our privacy policy)

 -Compatibility- The idea is to match you with the person that you dream of to ensure a healthy relationship with proper communication, a strong attraction, similar interests and a future that both of you want (see blogs)


The Reasons

 These are the reasons why you should join Just Us:

– You are in CONTROL

You are in control of who you meet and decide to pursue. It is like praying for the person that you desire and having your dream come true. You have the ability to browse people’s information and decide if that is who you want. 

-Save Time and Money

With the ability to select a compatible person, you no longer have to waste time and money on meaningless relationships with people who do not understand you. Just Us Dating is very affordable and you will enjoy meeting new people


-Everyone wants to date

You no longer have to waste energy wondering if that person is single or taken. Do not break your heart or loose your crush. The people on Just Us Dating, are looking for serious relationships and are date-able.


-It is Safe

With rising crime, it is dangerous to be out at clubs, bars and restaurants. Meet, connect and establish a relationship from the conveniences of your home, office or wherever you decide. You do not have to risk your life! 


-Take us wherever you go!

We are always expanding and looking to venture in to all platforms including mobile dating. We want to have the best personal social app for you.


-More than a dating site

Our in-depth design and exploration into social networking, have allowed us to integrate everything a social network has. You have the option to keep in touch with friends, group chats, post media, post a status, play games and much more! We offer a lot more than a dating website!

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