About Fizion

Fizion is a subsidiary magazine based site and service that is owned and operated by New Verge Connections. The online magazine holds many traditional niches including but not limited to, dating, travel, lifestyle etc. Though centered around Trinidad and the Caribbean, Fizion will explore foreign regions by providing the latest information through research and international writers. As an extension of Just Us dating site, Fizion articles offer advice on love, relationship and life to improve your online dating experience and success.

The layout of the magazine is quite simple allowing first time users the ability to easily maneuver throughout the site with clearly marked sections for each field of discussion. Our business section affords companies and small businesses the opportunity to advertise through articles and internet ads on our site. Fizion is completely free, open to the public and independent from the membership aspect of Just Us. In keeping with our beliefs of not completely monetizing every aspect of Fizion, we can showcase local and amateur writers articles and pieces for free, so long as the writer adheres to our rules.





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