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*Many writers and authors share links to external websites, advertise for other companies and businesses that are not affiliated with us. We are happy for you, if you can earn a dollar doing what you love. We are grateful for the opportunity to post your content. 

1.Responsibility and Disclaimer 

You acknowledge that under no circumstances will New Verge Connections be held liable for the information provided. You, the author/writer accept full responsibility for all related and provided information  in your article and posts. 


*As a writer or author, it is important for you to establish yourself at least on a name-basis level, publicly. The purpose being, you will directly receive notifications from your admirers, profitable company interests and in the event of copyright infringement.

2. Verification

You must be willing to publicly display some ownership of your work via Name or an Author’s biography which can already be publicly displayed or presented to us.

1)We require  your name and Email, by which selective information can be displayed on request.


  • Article written by John D. (must)


2)If you are using your author’s biography, it should contain the following:

  • some credentials of your professional life(professional writer or part-time blogger)(optional)
  • your location(at least your country)
  • an image of you(optional)
  • your real name (alternatively first name, initials, nickname can be used)

However, your biography must contain your contact information. You can provide a link to your bio if it is hosted elsewhere or you can ask for one to be made by us.

This is a sample author biography from Forbes Magazine, originally shared on Blog.hubspot 



*It is important that we receive some form of permissions for posting your articles. This is to avoid false claims and accusations against us.


In addition, we require all writers to fill our our agreement and disclosure form that states you grant us permission to publish/display your work publicly.  It is a simple form by which the user can scan and send it to us.


4. Copyright Laws

Please read the THE DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT as a precaution to avoid infringing on the rights of someone else. There are strict policies regarding the sharing of content with respect to crediting and acknowledging the owner(s) of such material.


5. Amendment

This Agreement is subject to change by New Verge Connections at any time. We kindly ask all users to subscribe in order to receive notifications for changes to the terms of service and privacy policy. If you are unaware of the change, your continued use automatically indicates acceptance of the revised terms of service


Revised. January 2018.